The regional reference
for helicopter flights

Onshore et Offshore en Afrique de l’Ouest


by helicopter

Rotary wing transport remains a priviledged way to safely and rapidly reach remoted onshore and offshore destinations in Western Africa. Our solutions are reliable, safe and discrete. To increase the autonomy of our operations and ensuire the continuity of the services rendered to Clients IAS Group is a certfied AIRBUS MAINTENANCE CENTER for its region since 2014 for the type of aircraft in operation. When airstrips are available, our fixed wing company MAXAIR offers private aviation services by plane.
The first private aviation group in west Africa

The regional reference for helicopter flights

First West African private aviation group to offer rotary and fixed wing flights from Abidjan, Accra and Ouagadougou, International Aircraft Services Group and its member companies constitute the regional reference.

Hugues Moreau, the Group CEO grows the corporate footprint from Abidjan and to the Region :

« Despite the ever changing context and the daily challenges faced, we offer a large variety of helicopter and fixed wing private transportation services. IAS Group is headquartered in Abidjan and has permanent bases in Accra and Ouagadougou. With resiliance, professionalism and flexibility, effective transfer of competence and the use of local skills, IAS Group and MAXAIR in Ivory Coast, VRAL in Ghana, and FAS in Burkina-Faso offer both offshore and onshore trasportation services along to the highest industry standards. We are BARS Gold members and we service the leading mining and security companies who operate in the region. We follow the IOGP standards for the offshore flights in support of our oil and gas Clients and are proud to count major O&G companies among our Clients. Our business philosophy is to make the best use of local resources including HR while respecting the highest aviation standards ».

Hugues Moreau

A diversified
Our fleet

A fleet adapted to the market needs

IAS Group owns a fleet curently made of fifteen single and twin engine helicopters :

  • A majority of Dolphin N3 helicopters fit to respond to both offshore and onshore requests and with a payload of 11 PAX,
  • A Dolphin N3 in VIP version for specific missions
  • A few Dolphin N helicopters suitable for onshore flights with similar performances as the N3,
  • Several Squirrels including both single and twin engine and with an average payload of 5 PAX.

IAS Group forsees the introduction of last generation aircraft within the fleet pending the award of new offshore contracts.
Among our key strenghts is the capacity to conduct local on line maintenance. This enhances IAS Group’s autonomy and provides Clients with operations continuity confidence.

Our customers
Our customers

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