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Fifty years of experience in support of our customers

The Group was born in Côte d’Ivoire in the 1970s with a single helicopter dedicated to crop-spraying. It has grown and diversified with the expansion of economic activities in the country and the West African region.

From aerial work in support of farms and plantations, IAS Group has broadened its spectrum of activity towards passengers transport. Public transportation has expanded with the advent of oil exploration in the Guinea Gulf from the 1990s, and that of mining exploration and gold production. The socio-political upheavals have also generated a demand for air transport to which IAS Group and its affiliates in Ghana and Burkina Faso have been able to respond with speed, professionalism, and resilience. Finally, the Covid crisis has allowed IAS Group to position itself as a key player in medical evacuations in the region in partnership with local and international medical structures. With about fifteen twin- and single-engine helicopters at its disposal, IAS Group is the result of constant adaptation to market conditions.

A fleet of twin-engine and single-engine helicopters.

2 affiliated companies in Ghana and Burkina Faso.


3 locations in West Africa

Born in Côte d’Ivoire, the Group relies on affiliated structures in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

VOLTA RIVER AVIATION LTD (VRAL) is the only local player of its kind present in Ghana since the 1980s, and FASO AICRAFT SERVICES (FAS) is the latest addition to the Group, operating from Ouagadougou since 2019. Mali, Guinea, Mauritania, Niger, Benin, Togo and/or Liberia, where IAS Group has carried out projects in the past, may welcome new affiliates in the future.


Local expertise

IAS Group favours the recruitment of local staff to the extent that the required skills are available.

  • control the working environment
  • ensure the continuity of operations despite the socio-political and health crises
  • ensure Customers a responsive manageament team based on site
  • comply with local content standards
  • control the costs of the services offered.

When technical skills are not available locally, IAS Group recruits from the best pools identified. The team is currently multinational with African and European pilots and technicians, and an Afro-European management, reflecting the cultural realities of today’s West Africa.


Safety & security

IAS Group shares the objectives and priorities of international helicopter operators.

Our daily challenge is to keep the same requirements and the same operational standards in a complex environment.

IAS Group is a BARS Gold member

IAS Group applies IOGP standards for offshore flights

IAS Group adheres to HeliOffshore standards


Our commitment to the climate

Aware of the climate challenges, IAS Group is proud to serve ENI who is developping the first zero gas emissions oil and gas project in Africa.

Baleine was discovered in 2021 and is the largest fast track sustainable oil and gas project of the region conducted with our helicopters.

Committed to reducing its environmental impact, IAS Group is also renewing its offshore fleet and is introducing new H145 aircraft using sustainable fuel (SAF).

  • Energy system transformation
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Reducing gas emissions

Listening to the market

IAS Group is constantly adapting to its market.
If the socio-political developments of yesterday led us to establish ourselves in Côte d’Ivoire, then in Ghana, and finally in Burkina Faso, new companies will emerge in other countries of the region in the coming years. Always attentive to its market, IAS Group goes where private aviation needs are confirmed.
In addition to transport services, IAS Group is developing an ambitious project to train pilots and mechanics from Abidjan. INTERNATIONAL AICRAFT TRAINING SERVICES is soon to start the first modules in 2023 in partnership with the INHP and local civil aviation.

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